Libyan Chicken with Chick Peas & Potatoes (Tabikha bil Hummus)

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1 1/2 c. dry chick peas
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 3/4 lb. potatoes, peeled & quartered
3/4 Italian parsley, chopped
1 chicken, cut into serving pieces (at least 8 pieces)
3 sticks cinnamon
salt & papper to taste
2 c. water (or water & broth)

Soak the chickpeas overnight (or "quick soak" by putting them in a pot of water, bringing it to a boil, and letting it sit for an hour).

Put all the ingredients in deap, heavy pot and bake at 350º for approximately 2 hours (start checking at an hur and a half), or until it looks done!

Note: This is a mildly seasoned, yet aromatic and tasy dish. It's also very flexible. You can add more cinnamon, including ground cinnamon, add more water at the end of the process for more liquid in the stew (I like to serve it in a bowl with a spoon), and juggle all the proportions to match your preferences.

Source: Paul (adapted from a recipe published in Haaretz)